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Dear au pairs and host families,

Happy Labor Day weekend– and for those of you whose kids go back to school this coming week, happy last day of summer vacation!


The fall is almost here. Finally we are getting some cooler weather. For most of us school is in full force and all sports activities have started the season as well, which might mean more driving for au pairs. Hopefully you all have adjusted to your new schedules and routines.

Most of the universities and other educational institutions already have started their semesters. However, you still have time to register for the fall courses at different schools around Denver. Please see the list HERE.

There are some upcoming weekend classes in Denver in November. Great option if you want to complete most of your credits in one weekend. See schedule here.


If you are an au pair with school-aged children, you will probably find yourself helping with homework every now and then—or even on a regular basis—now that back-to-school season is approaching. There are lots of tips out there to help make getting homework done easier and even fun! Here are just a few from the U.S. Department of Education:


1. Set a good example. Children need to know that the adults in the house think homework is important. If they see that you value education and homework, they are more likely to consider it a priority, too.

2. Set a regular time. Identify a specific time each day to sit down and get homework done. Usually, earlier is better as kids lose focus and energy in the evening.

3. Pick a place. Make sure your host kids have a quiet place to concentrate and spread out. Ask them to help organize and decorate their homework area if they wish.

4. Remove distractions. Turn off the tv and radio, put cell phones away and shut off the X-box. Giving children a quiet environment to work in is important.

5. Monitor assignments. Make sure you know what homework your host kids are responsible for turning in and when it’s due.

6. Provide guidance. Providing guidance means: 1. make sure your host children have all the information they need to get their homework done; 2. be there to explain instructions/words/formulas they don’t understand; 3. check their work once they are finished.

Happy homework helping!


 Last month we went Ixfinity Park in Glandale and watched “The Princess Bride”! What a great night it was! Thanks to everyone who came!


Au Pair monthly meeting-  September!

Monday, September 15th @ 6:40pm– Baseball game. Rockies vs Dodgers. At Coors Field, 20th and Blake St., downtown Denver.  Meet me at the statue of the baseball player right near the ticket office, on Blake St. at 6:40 p.m. We will be waiting on you till 7pm, then buy tickets and go in, so don’t be late. We will buy tickets all together right before the game- please bring cash.  Tickets will be $15 or less (it depends on what will be still available). Parking might get costly around the stadium (up to $25), so I advise to come early and find parking further away from the stadium (smaller parking lots on side streets for $10). Carpooling is advised, please coordinate with each other. Also, you’ll probably want to buy some food there, so you will need money for that.  To see a map of the area, go to the Colorado Rockies web site.  If you get lost, call my cell 303.618.6280.

This is always a fun time, and I hope most of you can come! Friends are always welcome!


Upcoming meetings- save the date!

October– we will have 2 separate meetings!

  • For Au pairs- Monday, October 6th @6:30– pumpkin carving at my house. Details to follow.
  • For Host familiesOctober 15th at 6:30pm -Second host family event. Happy Hour at my house. Details to follow. Reminder: Each family must attend at least one annual Host Family event held by me to be in compliance with program rules.

November– Wednesday, November 5th,  Details to follow.

December– Christmas party at my house. Details to follow.

P.s. if any of you have a great idea for a monthly meeting please let me know. All ideas are considered. Dates could change if we agree to do something fun that is not available on the dates I picked. Friends are always welcome.

~ Dana

Monday, 1 September 2014 2:42 AM


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