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Dear Au Pairs and Host Families,

I hope you are enjoying the summer and staying cool in this hot Colorado weather. Make sure you take advantage of pools, water parks (Water World (8801 Pecos St., Denver)), beaches (Cherry Creek State Park (4201 S. Parker Rd., Aurora))  and spry-grounds (Great Plains Park (20100 E. Jewell Ave., Aurora)) while you still can- keep your cool when the temperature rises!!

For many kids summer will be over soon because school is about to start. That means schedule changes for everyone, including au pairs. Host families and Au pairsplease talk about the schedule changes ahead of time so there would be no confusion of timing for on and off hours. It is beneficial for the family and an au pair to have a clear understanding about the working hours and non-working hours, preferably before the beginning of the week, so everyone could plan their activities ahead of time.

3D Character and Question Mark

Also, reminder- make sure to put monthly meetings on your calendar– Monthly meeting attendance is mandatory for all au pairs. An au pair can miss no more than two meetings during her/his program year. If the au pair does not attend the monthly meeting, it is the au pair’s responsibility to meet me within one week’s time. Host Family must accommodate the schedule and transportation must be provided for au pairs. Monthly au pair meetings provide au pairs with a forum to network, socialize and share information.

All the au pairs that have not started to take classes this fall semester need to take action and register soon. Please visit Helpful links/ educational resources section on my website for the links of some schools in the area and ask questions if you have them.

There are some upcoming weekend classes in Denver in November. Great option if you want to complete most of your credits in one weekends. See schedule here. Thanks Hannah for sharing! 🙂

Dana out of town– I will be traveling August 7th-13th. I am going for a vacation with my mom to NYC! I will be available over the phone, so call me if anything urgent comes up.


We are excited to announce that our newest upgrades for Search & Select have been launched!

Here are recent updates:

For families:

  • Change design of search page (including a “What’s next” guide to explain the matching process)
  • Holds & favorites page redesign/functionality
  • Au pair profile changes (photos/video on top, all content moved below)
  • 48-hour hold restriction (host family can only put a 48-hr hold on the same au pair twice)
  • Updating all messaging to refer use “holding for interview” instead of “reserve”

For au pairs:

  • Allow au pairs to release a match from their online account
  • Au pair is required to enter a reason
  • Reason is seen by staff and LCCs, not the host family
  • Host family and staff will get email that AP released match


 Last month we went to Jazz in the Park! What a great night it was! Thanks to everyone who came!


Au Pair monthly meeting-  August

Monday, August 18th Free movies at Infinity park in Glendale. @7pm. “The Princess Bride”. 4599 East Tennessee Avenue Glendale, Colo. 80246. The movie will begin on the jumbo screen at 8pm, with the gates to the stadium at Infinity Park opening at 7pm. See the map for directions.

Lets meet up there at the stadium entrance (see H on the map) at 7:30pm. Is anybody able to have a car for the car pool?- please coordinate with each other. Carpool, as always is more fun and you save money! If anyone wants to ride with me, call me– I have room for 3 more.  Be at my house at 7pm, we will leave at 7:15pm. Bring a blanket, drink and some food if you wish. Call me if you have any questions. Friends are always welcome!



Upcoming meetings- save the date!

Monday, September 15th @ 6:40pm– Baseball game. Rockies vs Dodgers. Details to follow.

October– we will have 2 separate meetings!

  • For Au pairsMonday, October 6th @6:30– pumpkin carving at my house. Details to follow.
  • For Host familiesOctober 15th at 6:30pmSecond host family event. Happy Hour at my house. Details to follow. Reminder: Each family must attend at least one annual Host Family event held by me to be in compliance with program rules.

NovemberWednesday, November 5th,  Details to follow.

December– Christmas party at my house. Details to follow.

P.s. if any of you have a great idea for a monthly meeting please let me know. All ideas are considered. Dates could change if we agree to do something fun that is not available on the dates I picked. Friends are always welcome.



Arriving, August 15th  … Bianca Kentgens, 20, from Germany , is joining the Glasheen family. She will be taking care for a 6-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl. Bianca plays soccer in women’s team, likes to read, camping, traveling, acting. She loves music and is learning to play guitar.

Arriving, August 22nd   … Emelie Berglund, 19, from Sweden , is joining the Weiner family. She will be taking care for a 11-year-old  and a 5-year-old boys and a 8-year-old girl. Emelie likes music, taking pictures, drawing and baking.


Au Pairs, I expect every one of you to at least make a phone call to our new au pairs and welcome them.  This is so important!  Please make an effort to invite Bianca and Emilie to join you for a coffee or an evening out.

An updated contact/ phone list will be in your inboxes shortly!


Best of Luck!!!


Truc has returned to Germany after she successfully completed one year as an au pair! We wish you the best of luck on moving to Berlin! We miss you already!  

~ Dana


Monday, 28 July 2014 6:11 PM


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